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Toolbar: The toolbar lets you create your own original graphics and text to animate and use in Flash. This is an advanced imaging program in itself and lets you create, draw, paint, select and modify artwork. Flash is no lightweight in the graphic art category and this part of the program alone is worth the price to an artist or creative developer. 

Toolbar Modifiers: Toolbar modifiers give you more options and choices (depending on which tool you choose) when editing your graphics.

Timeline: The timeline controls and organizes the movie's content over time using layers and frames. Scrollbars become available when there are more layers in the timeline than can be displayed. 

The Stage: This is where your creation will come to life and be displayed for you to edit. Change the size of the stage by selecting Modify | Movie from the menu and setting the width and height as desired.

Onion Skinning Buttons: Onion skins let you view all layers of your animation in the timeline in multiple layers for positioning. Dimmed layers cannot be edited.

Keyframe: Everything on the stage where something changes is a keyframe. Keyframes define changes in the animation. The first frame in every layer is automatically a keyframe. Created keyframes are displayed in Flash as a solid circle. Empty keyframes are shown as hollow circles.

Playhead: The Playhead on the timeline is a movable beginning and ending point for your total movie. You can click and move the playhead down the timeline at any speed for viewing your movie and helping you identify frame changes for editing. To play your movie at any time during it's creation and editing stages, just hit the 'enter' key.


Flash Tutorials

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Flash Info
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