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October 2005

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Monday, October 31st

The Google Dance

Since around the middle of Oct, Google has been making some major updates to their algorithm causing a lot of sites to drop in the indexes. You may have noticed some of your keyword rankings returning higher or lower because of it. Most sites playing by the rules will not be extremely affected. Coming right before the holiday season again, it appears their changes are geared for their advertisers.

Hang in there and make sure you don't have anything in your pages that could get you a lower ranking. It's not over yet so unless you've dropped down or out of the top thirty, don't make any drastic changes yet.

[Karma: 1 (+/-)] tbennett on 10.31.05 @ 05:48 AM EST [link]

Thursday, October 20th

Not All Templates Are Created Equal

Please make sure you check the list of sources that come with each template when you preview it. Not all templates include a Flash file and templates that look similar may be very different. Lower priced templates usually do not include Flash animation.

Before you order, double check the template number and price of the template you have placed in the shopping cart. The templates on this site are extremely well designed and include a list of the editable files in the list of sources available.

[Karma: 1 (+/-)] tbennett on 10.20.05 @ 06:53 AM EST [link]

Wednesday, October 19th

Slow System Fix

Is your system still running slow after a cleanup? It may not be spyware causing the slowdown. If you've already cleaned the spyware off your system and you're still not getting good performance you might want to download and run this free tool Easy Cleaner. It will check and detect leftover gunk and bad registry entries on your system, letting you get rid of them and it's free.

[Karma: 1 (+/-)] tbennett on 10.19.05 @ 06:34 AM EST [link]

Tuesday, October 18th

Macromedia Labs Announced

Macromedia, the makers of Flash has just announced the release of Macromedia Labs.

Macromedia Labs gives developers earliest access to the latest technology and the Macromedia development teams building it, alongside other developers in the industry doing the same.

[Karma: -1 (+/-)] tbennett on 10.18.05 @ 06:46 AM EST [link]

Monday, October 10th

Top Ten Web Design Mistakes

Good web standards never go out of style. Neilsen's new Top Ten Web Design Mistakes for 2005 sum it all up. Worth a second read and a printout for reference.

[Karma: -1 (+/-)] tbennett on 10.10.05 @ 06:30 AM EST [link]

Wednesday, October 5th

Paint Shop Pro X

Released in September 2005, the first version of PSP since Corel bought is from Jasc, named Paint Shop Pro X is a worthy upgrade.

[Karma: 0 (+/-)] tbennett on 10.05.05 @ 07:05 AM EST [link]

Tuesday, October 4th

Logo Design

Before and After Magazine has just published a new printable document on logo design. Download it for free and learn to design cool stuff.

[Karma: 0 (+/-)] tbennett on 10.04.05 @ 06:40 AM EST [link]

Monday, October 3rd

First Views of Windows Vista

Code named "Longhorn" is the next much anticipated release of Windows Vista expected to be released next year. Here are some preview screen shots of the beta: Vista.

[Karma: -2 (+/-)] tbennett on 10.03.05 @ 06:07 AM EST [link]

Thursday, September 29th

Photoshop Elements 4 released

Adobe has just released the new version of Photoshop Elements. Many improvements to the previous version of the program. Check it out at Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.

[Karma: 1 (+/-)] tbennett on 09.29.05 @ 06:37 AM EST [link]

Monday, September 26th

Easy Update

Anyone who has ever built and maintained a site can tell you it's hard work but you can automate the process easily with SSI. Server side includes can be used on any platform thru SSI, ASP or PHP code. You create your header, footer or side menu of information or navigational elements that you want included in multiple pages, then you strip out the HTML, head and body tags of the include and save it as a regular page. On each page of your site that want to include the item, you add a piece of code that displays it in the page. The next time you need to update all pages, you just change one file, publish the changes to that one file and it is automatically updated across all pages in the site that have the include code in them. One change to one file, update hundreds of pages simultaneously. You don't have to open and edit all pages that need to change, just one file changes all of them! The piece of code that displays your include is different for SSI, ASP and PHP so you need to Google it to find the right one for your platform.

[Karma: -1 (+/-)] tbennett on 09.26.05 @ 06:30 AM EST [link]


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