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FrontPage Tips and Tricks                      HTML Script Snippets
Updated for FP 2003

Inserting JavaScript/code into FrontPage - From the 'normal' view, select 'Insert | Advanced | HTML' from the drop down menu and just paste your code into FP 2000. In FP 2002 and FP 2003, select 'Insert | Web Component | Advanced Controls | HTML' and then paste your code in from the 'Design' view. 

Editing Webbot Components - Choose 'View' from the drop down menu in normal view and check 'Reveal Tags'. Your code shows up as a component (webbot). Right click on the component (little yellow square with a blue question mark) and edit. 

Single space line - Press the 'Shift' + 'Enter' keys simultaneously at the end of your text for a single spaced line break. 

Make a Hyperlink Open in a New Window - In FP 2000 hyperlink properties, click on the little pencil (target frame) and choose 'new window' from the common targets which will insert the '_blank' target setting in your page. In FP 2002 and FP 2003 select the 'Target Frame' button and choose 'new window'.

Changing color of text on mouseover - From the FP 2000 dropdown in 'normal' mode ('design' mode for FP 2002-2003) choose 'File | Properties | Background' and check the box 'Enable Hyperlink Rollover Effects', then select 'Rollover Style' and select your color. Make sure your font, weight and size matches your text on the page or your hyperlinks will 'jump' when you mouse over, causing your other text to shift.

Fix Greyed out Selections - Select 'Tools | Page Options | Compatibility' from the drop down in normal view and select 'custom' in the choices. Check the technologies you want to use. 

Set Permissions for Protected Subweb - Open the subweb live. Select 'Tools | Security' from the drop down menu and set your permissions. Your host must allow this function.

Make FrontPage your default editor - In IE select 'Tools | Internet Options | Programs' and select FP as the HTML editor. Additionally, make sure the check box "Check if FrontPage is the default editor for pages" is selected under 'Tools | Option | General' tab. Then quit and restart FrontPage. When it restarts, click 'yes' on the dialog box prompting you to select it as the default editor.

Components Won't Show in Preview Mode - Most components must be published to a server that has FP extensions correctly installed before they can be tested.

Publish to Tripod with FrontPage - First make sure your Tripod space has been FrontPage enabled. Then, publish using and always put a / after your Tripod username or you will not connect. If you have corrupted the extensions by ftp or they are not working, go to your account on Tripod and disable them, then re-enable them fresh and re-publish.

Putting a FrontPage web on cd - You can publish HTML pages with links to a cd and orchestrate it all from a Flash file. It then becomes a multi-media demo, not a FrontPage demo, as you would be losing the components without server extension support and adding dynamic Flash features. The http:// links on the cd will work if an internet connection is present.

Create a new form - You must have a page open before you can choose the form wizard. If you click on new page from the nav view (with no other page open), it will set up a new page first.

Set page margins in FP - Right click on the page first, then select page properties, margins tab.

Using PHP with FP -  To open .php pages in FrontPage 2000-2002 instead of a text editor, go to 'Tools | Options | Configure editors' and modify the file association to frontpg.exe. The server you publish to must have PHP enabled. FP 2003 is already set as the default editor for .php pages, along with many other types including .aspx, .xml, .shtml, and many others.

Banner rotation with multiple links - Use a freely available JavaScript banner ad rotator. FrontPage does not allow multiple links with this feature.

Do I need a PWS to use FP? - FP98 requires and will set up a defaut PWS if you do not already have one installed. It is not a requirement to use one with FP 2000/2002 or 2003 as you have the option of installing a server locally or creating disk based webs.

Problems with Hover Buttons - Not one of the best features of FP. With FP 2000-2002 create rollover buttons in an image program and use JavaScript as a better solution for compatibility. FP 2003 creates Interactive Buttons with JavaScript code as an option.

Problems with Shared Borders - Can be difficult to use on complex architecture. Workaround is to use page includes or to set up navigation bar components on individual pages.

Broken Images/poor quality image display - Create and optimize all images, saving in the proper format outside of FP before importing them into your web, into or by creating an 'images' folder. Do not edit images using the FP tools. Make sure you insert imported images from links in your web before publishing your pages.

Cannot save change to page - First, before you make any attempt to correct erratic behavior in FP (or any other program), always 1) clear the FP temp files 2) purge the cache and temp directories 3) reboot your computer to see if this corrects your problem. Then, try the same function again. If you're getting a specific error message or code, look it up by doing a search on by error number or keyword.

Set the default size for thumbnails - Automatically set size for thumbs using 'Tools | Page Options | Auto Thumbnails' and set width to px.

AutoShapes & WordArt - FrontPage's imaging tools are not designed to replace a good image editor. Create your AutoShape or WordArt in the page, deselect it by clicking anywhere else on the page, hit the 'PrintScrn' button to copy the page in the clipboard, paste it into Image Composer, PSP or any good imaging program. Crop the page to the image you want and save as .jpg for best quality. Optimize the image for quicker loading, then import it into FP placing into a table cell for greater control of placement on the page.


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