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Fading Text

Step 1: Open Flash and size the work area    from Modify | Movie choosing 150 x 50 for this example. Choose the text tool from the toolbar or just hit 't' on your keyboard for the shortcut. Click anywhere on the work area (we used Verdana, size 28, black) and type the words 'text fade'.



Step 2:   Center by selecting the arrow tool, then move the text to center. Convert the text to a symbol from Insert | Convert to Symbol. Insert a keyframe on 10 and one on 20.


Step 3: Click on frame 1 and Modify | Instance, choose Alpha on the Color Effect tab. Move the slider to '0' percent (33 is shown in example). Click OK.


Step 4: With frame 1 still selected, choose Modify | Frame and choose Motion under the Tweening tab. Click OK.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for frame 20.

Step 6: Click on frame 10 to select it. Choose Modify | Instance, Alpha on the Color Effect tab. Leave the slider at 100 and click OK. Click Modify | Frame and choose Motion under the Tweening tab. Click OK.

Step 7: Rewind and play your movie. It should look like our example. You can edit the text, timeline and properties until you get the effect you desire. Play around with it and have fun!





Download textexample.fla

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