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Add Sound to Flash Movies      

As a very basic introduction, it's as easy as importing a selected .wav file into your .fla. Once the sound is imported, it will be available as a choice from the library (if you import it on it's own layer) or as a choice from the 'sound' panel. 



To use a sound as a background loop in your main timeline, create a separate layer for it and then import it or drag it out of the library onto the stage. To play continuously, set the 'Sync' to start and 'Loops' to 999. Leave the 'Loops' at 0 to play through once and then stop. You can also set the sound to fade in or out.



You can also assign a short sound to an event. A button for example could beep on the mouse-over if you select and assign a sound to the 'Over' state of the button.



Another way to synchronize sounds in your movie is to adjust the timeline by dragging the last keyframe of the sound layer and moving it.



Use the sound properties 'effect' tab to fade sounds in and out. Experiment and have fun!


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