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Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorial

Art From Objects - Open a picture or scan in an object in PSP. You can use them to create an embossed or subtle pattern for textured backgrounds or original looking art. The first example is our scanned object. The second example shows a raised pattern using the emboss selection (default setting) from texture effects. The third effect is made using the chrome filter, color white, flaws 2, brightness 100, then using the emboss effect. The fourth image is made by converting the object to greyscale and then using the pencil filter, adjusting the brightness to 60, contrast to -10.



You can also create some original art from photos or objects that look like etchings, woodcuts, ink drawings or paintings. The first example below uses the chrome filter, color white, flaws 2, brightness 100, background color removed using the magic wand tool - and the second one is a negative image of the first, also with the background removed. The third image is a watercolor effect under 'brush strokes' with softness set at 2, and red-orange lighting. The fourth example is the colored pencil effect with detail set to 75, opacity at 30.



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