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Photo Galleries

Order from our selection of unbranded pre-coded flash photo galleries for sharing your photos in your web pages. Flash is not required to edit your photo gallery! These galleries display at full size like the free photo gallery and do not have a border around them as shown in our screen shots below. Each photo gallery includes it's own complete set of instructions, sample graphics (that you replace with your own), .swf file(s) and HTML pre-coded page for display.

Gallery files are not interchangeable and are pre-coded separately for a specific number of photo display sets (flash pages) in a single HTML page. Each gallery (regardless of version or layout) on the same domain must reside in it's own directory with it's own images folder to function properly. You change your photos whenever you like without the need for Flash -- it's all pre-coded! The quality and size of your graphics determines the speed they are displayed.  The display size of each gallery is adjustable in the HTML code.

License requirement: Each gallery for sharing photos may be used multiple times on the same domain, however each gallery is licensed for one site use only and cannot be used on multiple domains from a single licensed purchase. You must purchase an additional license for each domain a single gallery is installed on.

Two Page
Photo Gallery v.2

photo galleries 2 page

400 x 370px default size*
displays 24 photos in 1 HTML page/2 sets of 12 photos
(zip file 344kb)
(flash files 4kb)




Seven Image
Photo Gallery v.2

photo galleries 7 image

359 x 330px default size*
displays 7 photos in 1 HTML page
(zip file 110kb)
(flash file 1kb)



Three Page
Photo Gallery v.2

three page flash photo gallery

400 x 370px default size*
displays 36 photos in 1 HTML page/3 sets of 12 photos
(zip file 61kb)
(flash files 7kb)


Four Page
Photo Gallery v.2

four page flash photo sharing gallery

400 x 370px display size*
displays 48 photos in 1 HTML page/4 sets of 12 photos
(zip file 83kb)
(flash files 12kb)


Photo Gallery v.2

photo gallery v.2 multi-pack

Includes two, three and four page v.2 Photo Galleries valued at over $50 if purchased separately

ONLY $39.95**

Photo Gallery v.2
Super Pack

flash photo sharing gallery v.2 super pack

Five v.2 Photo Galleries in all
(2, 3 & 4 page + 7 image)
+ bonus single page gallery
Valued at over $70 if purchased separately

ONLY $49.95**

*These files do not include flash source code. The default sizes shown are changeable in the HTML code. The .zip file for your photo sharing gallery will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of verification thru PayPal

**Download option is available.



Photo Galleries

FREE Photo Gallery

Caption Photo Gallery

Nine Page
Photo Gallery v.2

400 x 370px default size*
displays 108 photos in 1 HTML page/9 sets of 12
(zip file 186kb)
(flash files 36kb)



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