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FREE Photo Gallery v.2 NEW!  "Half the size, twice the speed!"

Download a FREE Flash Photo Gallery v.2 for your web site! The new and improved version is half the size and twice the speed of the original Photo Gallery with more options for display. Previous users can download (4kb) and upgrade their gallery simply by uploading the new photos.swf file to their site! The gallery comes in a default size of 400 x 370, but it will display photos quicker at smaller sizes as long as your photos are sized proportionately.** Shown below: 350 x 322 .swf size with 286 x 252 px photo size.

Our free photo gallery is linkware, includes a link to and automatically displays thumbnails of up to 12 of your own images and shows the enlargements when they are clicked on as shown below. Click the enlargement to go back to thumbnail view for more selections.



FREE Photo Gallery v.2:

Files included in this download:
- photos.html (5kb)
- photos.swf (3kb)
- images folder containing 12 sample photos shown here

download v.2

(120 kb)




Save money and save time with a pre-written photo gallery. The photo galleries are very intuitive and self-contained in one page with no pop-ups or back buttons needed and you can update and replace your own photos whenever you like. It's much more advanced than any HTML or JavaScript solution and much more cost effective than maintaining a database.

Flash is cross browser compatible meaning it will look just as good in Firefox, NS or IE. Re-use the gallery as many times as you like on your site by putting duplicate galleries in separate directories on your server, then upload different images to each directory. You spend your time on your photos, not on writing code or trying to figure out how to interface with a database. The number of galleries and photos you can display is unlimited and you can change the gallery size, background color and transparency of it in the HTML page code without ever having to buy Flash or learn how to use it. Our code is quick and lightweight. The speed of your gallery display will depend solely on the compression and size of your photos, and the performance of your web server.

**Proportionate sizes for an accurate display of your photos are: 388 x 342, 386 x 341, 286 x 252, etc. Crop your photos to the recommended size as photos that are not proportionate to the pre-written code will appear distorted at full view size.

Please read the complete instructions on the included HTML page of your download file.  Contact us for a quote if you require a more advanced, customized or non-branded photo gallery for your site or order a non-branded display gallery from our current selection of pre-coded photo galleries.*


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