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Flash 5 Tutorials - Intermediate

On/Off Music Button in Flash


Step 1: Before you begin this tutorial, you should have some experience creating buttons, movie clips and inserting sound files. This file has the initial state of the music turned off, letting the user decide whether or not to turn it on... but it's easy to modify to play the music by reversing the positions of the 'Music On' and 'Music Off' buttons of the On/Off movie clip.


Step 2:  In an existing movie create two buttons, one for sound 'on' and one for sound 'off'. Select 'Insert | New Symbol' , and dot 'button' in the Symbol Properties box for each of the buttons.



Step 3: Repeat step 2 for animation if you want it, only instead of making a button, choose 'movie clip' which you will drag out of the library and into the 'Music On' button. Skip this step if your button will not animate.


Step 4: Create another movie clip the same way. Create two layers, one for music and one for on/off properties. Insert key frames on frames 1 and 10 of the on/off layer. Extend the timeline to frame 19 on both layers. On frame 1 of the on/off layer, drag your 'off' button onto the stage and label it 'Music Off'. On frame 10 drag the 'on' button on to the stage and label it 'Music On'. Put a stop action on frame 1 and frame 10 of this layer. Right click the 'off' button on the stage and using the 'On Mouse Event' select 'on press' then 'Go To and Stop' 'Music On'.



Step 5: Select the 'Music On' button on the stage, right click and using the 'On Mouse Event' select 'on press' then 'Stop All Sounds', then 'Go To and Stop' 'Music Off'.


On frame 10 of the music layer select your imported sound file from the sound properties box. Test your movie to see if it works. If not, go back over the steps or download our source file.






Download music.fla

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