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Flash 5 Tutorials - Intermediate

Motion Trail

Step 1: Open Flash and size the work area from Modify | Movie choosing 400 x 300 for this example. Import an image to work with and convert it to a symbol, then delete it from the stage. The symbol will be in the library where you can drag it out. Choose any contrasting color for the background and add static text or images to this layer. Select frame 45 and hit the F5 key to lengthen the timeline. Label the first layer 'background' and create a new layer .


Step 2:  On layer 1, drag out your image symbol and resize it if necessary. Place it where you want the image to start moving. Add a keyframe to about frame 41 or 42 and create a tween between the frames by right clicking anywhere between them on the timeline and choosing 'Create Motion Tween'.


Step 3: Select frame 1 of layer 1, and in the frame properties box, select Motion Tweening, Easing Out 100, Rotate CW 1 time with synchronize, scale and snap checked.


Step 4: On the Effect tab, choose 'Alpha' 78%' on the first frame, and 4% on frame 41. Create 3 more layers and duplicate the frames of layer 1 on each new layer. Lock layers 'background' and 'layer 1' so you don't accidentally edit them.


Step 5: Move the first frame of each new layer down the timeline by 1 and change the alpha fade % lower for each layer. (see example below).




Step 6: On frame 45 of the top layer, put in an fscommand to go to and play frame 1. Test your movie and adjust the layer effects until it's the way you want it.





Download dragonfly.fla


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