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Layers with FrontPage 2003

In design view select 'Layers' from Format on the drop down menu. This opens the document window where you can draw and set the properties of layers. Select the layer. It should look like example 1 below.


Select 'Borders and Shading' from the document window under Layer Properties. Choose solid border and color black. See example 2.

Select layer 1 from the document window and click on 'behaviors'. Choose 'Go to URL' from the Insert drop down. That will pull up a box you type the URL link into, then click 'ok'. In the document window, select drop down box under Events and choose 'onclick'.

example 1

example 2




example 3

Example 3 will go to the main page of this site if you click on it. To put a hand cursor on the layer when you mouse over it select layer 1 on the page to highlight it and switch to code view. Find the code for the layer and add  ; cursor:hand  after border-color: #000000. That's a semi-colon, space, the word cursor, colon, and the word hand. Experiment with the settings to create other layers.

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