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Flash 5 Beginning Tutorials

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motion tweening flash 5 beginning tutorial

Motion Tweening   flash tutorials
Make objects move smoothly across the stage in just a few easy steps.

shape morphing flash 5 tutorial

Shape Morphing flash tutorials
Learn to morph multiple shapes and colors into each other.

text fade flash 5 beginning tutorial

Fading Text
Learn to fade text in and out using the alpha channel properties.

text blur flash 5 beginning tutorial

Text Blur 
Shake your text up with this great attention-getting blur effect.

exploding text flash 5 beginning tutorial

Exploding Text
Blow your text up and watch it fly off the screen.

text morph flash 5 beginning tutorial

Text Morph
Morph one word into another easily.

picture text morph flash 5 beginning tutorial

Picture/Text Morph 
Morph a picture into text or text into a picture. (updated for FlashMX)

light up button flash 5 tutorial

Light Up Buttons  
Create your own buttons that light up when you mouseover. 


Intermediate / Advanced Flash Tutorials (includes .fla)

basic preloader flash

Basic Preloader NEW!
Add a preloader to your existing movies until your movie loads.

close button flash

Close Button NEW!
Put a quit command button on a full screen projector to close it.

text masking flash

Text Masking  
Create a mask for text to appear filled, then move it.

on off sound in flash

On/Off Music NEW! flash tutorials
Let your visitor turn the sound on or off in your movies.

ripple movie flash

Ripple Movie Clip
Learn to make this ripple effect as a movie clip.

motion guides flash

Motion Guides
Make an object enlarge and follow along a path.

motion trail

Motion Trail
Put a fading trail behind any graphic you set in motion.

vector drawing

Vector Drawing
Learn to draw and edit a light bulb that you can make blink.


Flash Tutorials - Text (no .fla)

flash work environment

Flash Work Environment
Basic navigation and layout introduction for Flash program.

movie clips

Movie Clips
How to create, import and use other movies in your timeline.

send flash in email

Send Flash in E-Mail
Send your Flash creations (or HTML) in e-mail (the easy way).

add sounds to movies

Add Sounds to Movies
Basic introduction to using sound files in your movies.

DHTML transparent overlay - flash tutorials

Transparent Overlay  
Use a Flash file to create a transparent overlay in HTML for IE5-6.



All Flash 5 beginning tutorials are written for new Flash users and can also be opened and used with FlashMX and FlashMX 2004. They will not work in earlier versions of Flash.


Flash Tutorials

Flash Beginning
Motion Tweening
Fading Text
Exploding Text
Picture/Text Morph
Shape Morphing
Text Blur
Text Morph
Light Up Buttons

Flash Intermediate
Basic Preloader
Text Masking
Ripple Movie Clip
Motion Trail
Close Button
On/Off Music
Motion Guides
Vector Drawing

Flash Info
Work environment
Send Flash in e-mail
Transparent Overlay
Movie Clips
Add Sounds to Movies



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