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Send Flash in E-mail (the easy way)        

Automatic Display - To send your Flash file in e-mail to display automatically when the e-mail is viewed by the recipient, first create your HTML page with your Flash content in it, exactly as you would have it displayed. To minimize scrolling try to keep your page under 600 pixels in width. Upload the page (including your Flash file) to your server and make sure it displays the way you want it to be seen. If you send the .swf file as an attachment, the recipient will have to have the Flash plugin to see it. You can send a projector file (.exe) but because of most security settings, it's not a good idea.

The security level the user sets, or what is allowed on their incoming mail (POP) server will determine if they will be able to display your page through their e-mail client when previewed. Since you have no control over this and there is no guarantee that your page will display, you might want to also send a link to the web page unless you're sure the recipient will be able to display the page. Send the HTML page to yourself and then forward it to your recipient(s) adding the link to the page or simply send the hyperlink to them.  For AOL recipients include the link in this format: <>



Also, understandably, many people do not want to receive HTML pages in their e-mail client so it is polite to ask for permission first. If you have subscribers and want to create an HTML alternative to your text, you can create the HTML version and an opt-in choice for subscribers to receive information in HTML format or text only.

The next step is to open your page in IE 5+ and choose 'File | Send | Page by e-mail' from the drop down menu. Your own security settings on your mail server (SMTP) and e-mail client must be set to allow you to do this. Outlook Express will support this function. Check with your ISP or domain host to see if there are any restrictions on your incoming (POP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers before sending. Test by sending to yourself.

Send a link only - one of the easiest ways to show off your Flash or send a greeting to someone is to send them a text or hyperlink to your page (uploaded to your server) in e-mail that they can just click on to view.



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