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Desktop Wallpaper


Desktop Wallpaper 

Why look at the same boring wallpaper over and over again when you can have subtly animated desktop wallpaper that changes right from your desktop any time you want?

Beautifully designed with soft  muted colors, these wallpapers also include additional features as stated below.  Each desktop wallpaper has a perpetual calendar that displays the month, year and current day automatically from your desktop and an animated clock so your wallpaper is not only pleasing to look at but also functional, allowing you to view the date and time at a glance.

desktop wallpaper butterflies
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view details

Butterflies Theme with butterflies and four changeable flower backgrounds in one, analog time display, notepad and perpetual calendar that never expires, showing the current day highlighted. See our wallpaper FAQ page for additional information.

Nostalgic Scrapbook Theme features a perpetual calendar, analog clock with second hand sweep animation and displays three of your own photos in the page. Included instructions tell you how to change the quote and photos with your own.






One size fits all. Desktop wallpaper automatically resizes to fit your screen resolution and works on Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP.



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