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Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorial

Picture Cutouts - A little practice and patience is all it takes to make your own cutout graphics from the background of your photos.

First, open a picture you want to cut out of a background in PSP. Select the Lasso tool from the Tools Palette, then on the Tool Options - Freehand palette, select 'Smart Edge'.

Click on a starting point on the edge of the image you want to cut out of the picture, and then click around the whole image being careful to keep the edges inside of the box area as you go. The cutting edge will 'snap to' the image edges. example 1:

When you come to the starting point, double click to enclose your cutout. From the drop down menu, select 'Masks | New | Show Selection'. Your cutout should look like example 2. The grey checkered area represents the transparent background.

To clean up your image if needed, enlarge and use the eraser tool to get rid of stray pixels. Then choose 'Selections | Modify | Contract' using 1 to 2 pixels to pull back from the edge. Then, 'Selections | Modify | Feather' to help the edges blend when you reuse the image in other backgrounds using 1 to 2 pixels or more if needed.

Crop to the new image example 3 and save the new cutout as a transparent .gif.

That's all there is to it. You can also create similar cutouts to make your own custom tubes for PSP to use over and over again.





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