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FrontPage 2000/2002/2003 Custom Hit Counter Component

You can create your own custom hit counters to match the style and look of your site, as long as you have FrontPage server extension support for your web. This component is supported on all versions of server extensions. You must have server extension support (v98, v2000, v2002) to use this feature in FP 2003.

First, make an image in any image editing program, modify an existing counter image or get a free one from the many resources on the internet. Your image should contain all 10 numbers from 0 to 9, evenly spaced as shown in our example below. Use an existing counter as a guide or turn on your grid in your imaging program:

It will work from any folder including the 'images' folder. Save the image to your web folder as a .gif and do NOT make it transparent. It can be in any size.

Next, insert the counter into your page from the menu. You will be offered the type of counter box below:

Choose 'custom picture' and type in the path to your image - important: you might need to put a forward slash in front of the image path on some servers! At this point you can reset your counter if you like or start at "0" by default. Save the page and publish it to your server.

Your counter should work now if you have FrontPage server extension support. To troubleshoot, repeat the steps again and republish or remove the counter, re-publish without it, and try it again from the start, making sure you have followed each step and that your image is in the right place on your server. Be sure to refresh your browser when viewing your changes each time you troubleshoot.

FP 2002 and 2003 offers Windows host supported SharePoint Team Services with a reporting feature that includes Usage Summary for reporting page hits. Many other domain hosts also provide a site statistics package included in your hosting fee. Check with your host to see what is available on your server space.

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