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FrontPage Tutorial

Collapsible Lists - First type a simple list hitting enter after each item on a separate line including your items to be nested. End your list by hitting enter TWICE.

Example below:

This is my list

First Topic

example 1

example 2

example 3

Second Topic

example 1

example 2


Highlight the entire list by starting at any place in your top item and ending any place in your last item. Click Format, then Bullets and Numbering. Check the box Enable Collapsible Outlines and Initially Collapsed. You can also choose bullet style or numbering for each level.

Click OK, then nest your items by highlighting them and choosing Increase Indent in the toolbar ONCE for each main heading and TWICE for each topic to indent them.

Your nested items will be hidden when your page is viewed. When the item is clicked on, it will then reveal the nested items. Click again and they collapse. This is not supported in NetScape, only in IE.

This is my list

  • First Topic

    • example 1

    • example 2

    • example 3

  • Second Topic

    • example 1

    • example 2

You can then add lines between the topics if you like. Backspace to remove unwanted bullets or numbers. Experiment with the spacing and adding special images for bullets.

NOTE: By default, the cursor on a collapsible list is a line, and not a hand. If you want to change the cursor to a hand (as shown above) to make the list obvious to click on, change the first <LI> tag on each topic to expand as:

<LI STYLE="cursor:hand">

That's all there is to it. ENJOY!


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