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Flash 5 Tutorials - Intermediate

Close Button - fs command on Flash projector file (.exe)

Step 1:
If you create a standalone projector file full screen, your user will need a way to easily close the presentation. Most users will not know that they can minimize and exit your file by hitting the 'Esc' key on their keyboard. To add a close button to your own movie, open an existing .fla and insert a new layer for your close button, then follow along using our instructions. This button won't work on an .swf file.


Step 2:  On the new layer, select 'Insert | New Symbol' , name it 'close' and dot 'button' in the Symbol Properties box.




Step 3: Create your button. Change the color of the text on mouseover state if desired and remember to put a solid box over the hit state frame to make your button solid. This is not really necessary with a solid button, but it's a good habit to get into if you occasionally make buttons out of text only. The hit state won't show on your button either way.

Step 4: Now go back to scene 1, select the button layer and drag your close button out of the library onto the stage where you want it.


Step 5: Left click on the button on the stage area to select it, then right click on it and select 'Actions' from the menu. Now you can use the 'On Mouse Event' in the 'Object Actions' box which will put the code:

on (release) {

into your button. Then select FScommand and choose the "quit" command for the standalone player. Save your file and publish it as an .exe to test it out.


The best use of the close button is on a projector file such as a presentation on cd-rom in full screen mode.


Download close.fla

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