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FrontPage 2003 Tutorial

Interactive Buttons - FrontPage 2003 gives you the ability to create professional looking rollover buttons for your web pages. With 31 button styles to choose from and over 200 possible color and style combinations, you can create the perfect buttons for any layout in an infinite number of sizes instead of using a separate graphics program.

To insert a button in your page, choose 'Insert | Web Component' then select Dynamic Effects for the component type and choose 'Interactive Button' under 'Choose an Effect'.

Make your choice and add the text from the Font tab. Under the button tab, you can preview the rollover effect, type in your button text and link the button to a page. Under the Image tag, you can change the size of the button, choose to preload the button images and decide if you want to save in .jpeg format (best for gradients and shaded buttons) matching the page background color or save the button as a transparent .gif. FrontPage adds all the code needed into your page to make it happen, lets you rename the button states and saves the button images for you.


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