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Light Up Buttons

Step 1: Make your own rollover buttons that light up when you mouse over them with Flash. Open Flash and size the work area from Modify | Movie choosing 70 width x 30 height for this example. Choose any color for the background or insert a background image, then create a movie clip by choosing 'Insert | New Symbol' and dot 'button'.

The 'Up' state of your button is what will show in the move. The 'Over' state is what will show when someone mouses over the button. The 'Down' state is what shows when someone clicks on the button and the 'Hit' state is for the action properties of the button.

Step 2:
  This will bring you to the button properties where you will select frame 1 of the button, choose the square drawing tool, pick your fill and line colors, select '4' for the curved edges and draw your button on the stage. Click on the text tool and add text to your button, select it and bring it to the front.

Step 3: Copy the button in frame 1 and paste it into the 'Over' and 'Hit' state. You can optionally draw a solid square over the button for the 'Hit' state. You would want to do this if you are creating a text only button so the cursor would have a solid fill area around the text. The 'Hit' state of the button does not show in your movie so it doesn't matter what color you use.

Step 4: Click on the 'Over' state in the timeline and then click the button on the stage to select it. On the Fill properties, select 'Radial Gradient' for the button color. Then adjust the color as shown in the Fill tool box. This is what your button will look like when moused over.


Step 5: Now go back to Scene 1 and drag the button symbol out of the Library onto the stage and center it. Right click on the button and choose 'Actions'. Under 'Basic Actions' double click 'On Mouse Event'. Then double click 'Get URL' and type in the page URL to go to when the button is clicked on. In the 'Window' properties, type in '_blank' to open the linked page in a separate window.



Test your movie, then save and publish it.

Download button.fla


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