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How to Create a Custom E-mail Link

There are times when you just need a pre-formatted reply by e-mail without having to create a form. This is especially true if you require specific feedback for certain areas of your site so visitors can send you a short message or reply from their e-mail program. Maybe your host doesn't allow forms or you don't know how to create a form in your web page yet to send you an e-mail.

To create the text mailto link, type this code into your HTML and edit it.

Regular mailto links are simply coded <a href="">Your link text here</a> . To customize and pre-fill the subject line field, add:

<a href=" Of This E-Mail">Your link text here</a>

To customize and also pre-fill the body of the message add:

<a href=" Of This E-Mail&body=Whatever you want to say in the message.">Your link text here</a>


Copy the code below, paste it into the HTML where you want it to appear in your page and edit it:


If you're very new to forms or haven't learned to code or use them on your site yet, or your host won't allow them, you can get a free forms processor for your site:

Response-O-Matic it's free and easy to set up

Form Buddy free remotely-hosted cgi forms

Biz Mail Form another free remotely-hosted cgi forms

Novice Form free .php form processor script for beginners


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